CVS: Today’s Trip July 17, 2011

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CVS emailed me a $5/$25 coupon earlier in the week, so I had planned to use several ‘free item’ coupons I had to reach the $25 mark.


Unfortunately, when I got there, several of the items (3 free Suave lotions and a free 5-count of Zyrtec)I had planned were out of stock or not even carried at that location, so I had to reorganize my whole trip!


Then, when I got to the register, the Clairol was ringing up cheaper than I expected, so I had to grab something really fast (hence the Hershey bar) to reach the $25 mark. There was a line forming behind me, otherwise I would have gotten the $0.88 Pepsi 2-liter! Oh well. Anyway, here’s what I ended up getting.


1 Clairol Natural Instincts $5.99

2 Oral-B Indicator Toothbrushes $1.99 each

2 Crest Scope Toothpastes $1.99 each

1 Gillette Fusion Pro-Series Razor $9.99

1 King Size Hershey Bar $1.87

Subtotal: $25.81



$5/$25 CVS Coupon

1 FREE Clairol Natural Instincts from previous Facebook giveaway

1 $1.00/1 Crest with Scope from some Charmin toilet paper I got back a few months ago

$0.75/1 Crest from 6/5 PG

$4.00/1 Gillette Fusion Razor from 6/5 PG

$2.00/2 Oral-B Indicator Toothbrushes from 7/3 PG


Paid with $5 EB and $2.29 OOP


Got back:

$1 EB from Green bag tag scans

$2 EB from Crest Toothpastes

$4 EB from Gillette Razor

$2 EB from Oral-B Tootbrushes

Net: $1.71 profit


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