Walgreens: Why I prefer CVS June 5, 2011

Filed under: Walgreens — extremecouponqueen @ 6:25 pm

A lot of you know I’m pretty much Anti-Walgreens, I’ve had too many issues in the past with cashiers and managers when trying to use coupons. They’re sort of known in the coupon world to not be very coupon friendly.

CVS: Will give rain checks (if an item is not in stock) on not only the sale price, but the ECBs that will print with them even after the item is no longer on sale. Example: today my CVS was out of the Excedrin that was free after ECBs. I got a rain check so I can still get the same deal, including the ECBs, when they are back in stock.

Walgreens: Will give rain checks for a sale item, but will not honor the Register Rewards after the sale. Example: Walgreens is out of Sobe Water that is on sale for $1, get $1 Register Reward. You will get a rain check to get it for $1, but you will not get the Register Reward if that week’s sale has passed.

CVS: Items that generate ECBs have limits, usually 1 or 2 per household or CVS card.

Walgreens: Items that generate Register Rewards have limits of one per transaction, but this doesn’t restrict you from doing separate transactions to get as many as you want. This results in shelf clearing.

I’ve had problems at more than one location when I was in the right and they treated me like a thief. It seems like the cashiers don’t know their own coupon policy, and I’ve also had problems with the sale items shelves being cleared on Sunday at the start of a sale. Therefore, I don’t care to give them business and take anymore time to create weekly deals like I do for CVS (whom I love and I’ve never had issues there). I will still occasionally post great deals if I see them, but if you are interested in checking out Weekly Walgreens deals, I highly suggest Wild For Wags.


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