CVS: the 411, Part 2 May 20, 2011

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I hope the previous blog helped shed some light on how to get started at CVS.


Once you have started with 1 or 2 items that generate ECB (start small to not get overwhelmed), you can move on to more ‘complicated’ transactions. Like I said before, the goal when starting out is to keep your out of pocket costs low, and then use the ECB you receive to pay for your next purchase. Sometimes CVS will have a really good week for sales and you can end up with more ECB’s than when you started.


How do you end up with more ECB than when you started? I’m going to explain again what a ‘Money Maker’ is: very often CVS will advertise a product that is free after ECB’s (i.e. you pay $2.50 and receive $2.50 ECB back). When you have a coupon towards the product it gets even better. CVS won’t actually give you cash back, but you will be spending less out of pocket than what you receive back in ECB.


Here is an example of an actual upcoming moneymaker deal for the week of 5/29-6/04:

Buy Preparation H wipes 10 count $3.99 get $3.99 ECB (limit 1)

use the $2 Preparation H coupon found here: https://www.wyethallbrands.com/special_offers.aspx

pay $1.99 OOP, receive $3.99 ECB back!


If you sign up for CVS emails, they sometimes will send a coupon for $3 off a $15 purchase, $4 off $20, or something similar. I see this as free money. If you were already going to spend that amount, you can get an additional $3 or $4 dollars worth of items for free, or just make your OOP cost even lower!


Here’s the order in which you would hand over coupons:

1. Any dollar amount off a purchase, like the $3 off $15

2. Any CVS store coupons like those from the Magic Coupon Machine

3. Manufacturer coupons (remember, they will say manufacturer coupon at the top)

4. any ECB you have.

(remember you can ‘stack’ store coupons with manufacturer coupons)


If you are ready to see it, here is an example of a more complicated transaction that I did just this past week, soon you will be able to do these too!


3 Loreal TruMatch foundations

2 got2b hair gel

1 John Freida foam hair color

3 2-liters Pepsi

2 Herbal Essence shampoo

1 Edge shave gel

Total: $52

Used: $3 off $10 beauty purchase from Magic Coupon Machine

3 ($2 off) Loreal coupons

2 ($2 off) got2b coupons

1 free John Freida hair color coupon

2 ($1 off) Herbal Essence coupons

.75 cent off Edge gel coupon

$10.54 ECB

$10 CVS gift card previously available to purchase for $5

Paid $3 OOP

Received back: $14 ECB

$5 ECB for purchasing $15 of Loreal makeup

$2 ECB for purchasing the hair color

$2 for purchasing 2 Herbal Essence products

$5 for spending $50 ($50 before coupons, I didn’t actually spend $50 OOP, your balance carries over with all your purchases) in the Beauty Club http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/promoContent/promoLandingTemplate.jsp?promoLandingId=1284


Essentially, I paid $18 (only paid $5 for the $10 gift card) and received $14 back, so it’s like I only paid $4 for everything!


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