Facebook: Free Can of Pillsbury Frosting to first 10,000! November 21, 2011

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Head over here to request a free sample of Pillsbury Easy Frost Frosting, but you’ll need some patience because they’re getting slammed!


CVS: Black Friday

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I think CVS has the best Black Friday ad out of anyone, hands down! It starts Thanksgiving day and runs through Saturday the 26th, so if you have a 24 hour CVS like me the sale starts Wednesday night at Midnight. There are so many things for free after the Extra Bucks! To check out the ad itself, go to IHeartCVS. I am going to be showing you my personal shopping scenario. I am nervous because this is the biggest trip I’ve ever done and it will take 3 separate transactions because I have CVS dollar off (like $5 off $25) coupons that can’t be combined. I am really excited, too! If all goes right I will have purchased over $85 worth of products and come out with about a $25 profit.


*My CVS doesn’t allow coupon overage, so any coupon that is worth more than the value of the item will be adjusted down to match the price*


Transaction 1:

La looks gel $2.49 use $1 coupon from 10/9 RP pay $1.49 get $2.49 back

2 Colgate $2.87 each use 2 $1 coupons pay $3.74 get back $5.74

Breathe Right $5.99 use 2 $1.50 coupons here and here pay $2.99 get $5.99 eb

Cepacol $4.99 use $1 coupon here pay $3.99 get $4.99

Cvs dental flossers $1.99 get $1.99

3 Bayer aspirin 20 ct $0.99 $2.97 use 3 $1.50 coupon from 10/23 RP or here pay $0

Soft lips $2 get $2

$26.17+ tax before any coupons

Use $5 off $25 CVS coupon (I got 2 of these when I logged into CVS.com…check your account!)

Pay $11.20+ tax (I already have enough Extra Bucks to cover this, so I will be paying little or nothing out of pocket)

Get back $23.20 (profit $12)


Transaction 2:

Zyrtec 5 ct (free coupon I already had) $6.79

Advil 10 ct pocketpac $2.99 get $2.99 eb

Theraflu caplets $1.87 use $2 coupon here pay $0 get $1.87

Kleenex cool touch use $1.50 $0.40 coupon from free sample I had pay $1.10 get $1.50 eb

Finish quantum 10 ct $2.99 use $1 coupon here pay $1.99 get $2.99 eb

Philips earbuds pay $6.99 get $6 eb

Fiber one 90 ct $3.99 use $0.40 coupon from 10/2 RP pay $3.59 get $3.99

Benefiber trial sticks $1.49 use $3 coupon here pay $0 get $1.49 eb

$28.61+tax before coupons


Pay $11.66+ tax Get back $20.83 (profit $9)


Transaction 3:

4 peanut m&ms  $0.75 each pay $3 get $3 eb

CVS alkaline batteries 4 pack $3.99 get $3.99 eb

Hersheys king size drops $0.99 get $0.99 eb

Gum 2 ct toothbrush $2.99 get $2.99 eb

Kool from fever kid $4.49 get $4.49 eb (medicine, migraine section)

Listerine pocket packs $2.99 use $0.50 coupon from 10/9 RP or 4/17 SS pay $2.49 get $2.99 eb

Starbucks double shot $1.69 get $1.69 eb

Pepto bismol $2.99 get $2.99

Advil PM 4 ct $0.99 get $0.99 eb

Ichill relaxation shot $5.29 get $5.29 (vitamin section)

$29.41+ tax before coupons

$4/$20 (from signing up for CVS emails on their website)

Get back $29.41 (profit $4.50)





My Frugal but Tasty Thanksgiving Menu November 17, 2011

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I’m hosting this year and I like to plan things way in advance! I went shopping at Aldi (I’m sorry if you don’t have an Aldi near you….it’s unbelievable how much cheaper they are than everyone else!) yesterday for everything but the turkey. I already started baking my pumpkin bread today since it freezes well and actually tastes better (it gets more moist and flavorful) after a few days!

Cajun Fried Turkey (I buy the frozen turkey, I can’t tell the difference between that and fresh, especially when you fry it!) Usually costs under $5 for the turkey, and my neighbor always fries his turkey and offers to do mine for free, so I’ll take him some homemade cookies or something as a thank you. I inject it with melted butter and cajun seasoning beforehand.

Cranberry Sauce

Gourmet Sweet Potato Classic

Loaded Potato Casserole, serves 8 (I made this up)

8-10 Russet potatoes (the smaller/medium sized, not the huge ones), peeled, boiled and mashed

1/2 pound (or half a package) bacon, cooked and crumbled

16 oz shredded cheese, your favorite flavor (we like Colby Jack)

1 8 oz container light sour cream

1 stick butter

2 cups warm milk (or heavy cream if you’re feeling naughty…makes these super rich and creamy!)

1/2 cup chopped green onion

Salt and pepper to taste

Once the potatoes are mashed, stir in half the crumbled bacon, half the cheese, the entire container of sour cream, butter, and milk (add more/less milk depending on the consistence you like), and half the green onion. Spread into a 9×13 pan and top with remaining cheese and bacon, cover with foil and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Remove from oven, sprinkle remaining green onion on top, serve.

Green Bean Casserole (Sis in law)

Sausage and Pecan Cornbread Dressing (in-laws)

Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread


Double Layer Pumpkin Cheescake

Pecan Pie (Mom)

Chocolate Cavity Maker Cake


My mouth is watering! I am so ready for Thanksgiving!!


I’m here!

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I was attempting potty training with James the last few weeks, and it wasn’t pretty. I confined myself to the house for several weeks as I was trying the bare bottom method. Needless to say, we’re taking a short break so Mommy can chill out for a while because I was getting way too stressed out and felt like the walls were closing in on me! I really didn’t leave his side unless he was sleeping and it was exhausting in every way possible. There were some improvements made, but we hit a plateau and I needed to just take it easy a while before we try again!


CVS: Upcoming Black Friday Breathe Right Strips Moneymaker November 7, 2011

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I love CVS! They have an amazing Black Friday coming up that will be valid 11/24 (Thursday, Thanksgiving Day) through Saturday the 26th. I will be posting a match-up of all the freebies, but I wanted to let you know about some coupons to print now that might not be available later.


Breathe Right 10 ct $5.99 get back $5.99 EB

Use $1.50 CVS coupon

and use $1.50 manufacturer coupon

Pay $2.99, get back $5.99 EB

$3 moneymaker!


Free Sample of Nature’s Path Granola Bars!

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Head over here to request a free sample box of Nature’s Path Granola Bars, thanks to the Ellen show!


SaveMore: $30 worth of Jewelry for FREE + Free Shipping! October 26, 2011

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Here’s an awesome SaveMore.com deal for you! When you sign up and get your free $10 credit for being a new member, you can get today’s deal, which is $30 worth of jewelry for only $7 from Accessories Direct, so free after your credit!


I also noticed they have a $10 CVS gift card for $5! (the CVS card cannot be purchased with the new member credit, but this is still an awesome deal if you shop at CVS)